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Domestic Travel

Travel within the fifty (50) United States is deemed as domestic travel. Domestic travel can be arranged and reimbursed by:


  • Pay for conference or event using your department's ProCard
  • Completion of the travel approval form is required for all out of state travel.
  • A document # will generate by filling out the travel approval form. (This number will be used throughout your trip documentation and will allow the Travel Department to match up your pre-trip information with your post-trip reimbursement. Be sure to note it!!!)
  • Once your trip has been Approved, obtain a ticket through one of our authorized agencies. Be sure to include your employee #, document # (from travel approval form), and KFS account # if asked.
  • Apply for union funds if applicable. UCPEA / Other Unions
  • After completing the travel approval form, if you have a travel advance, print and sign the confirmation/promissory note and send it via fax to (860) 486-2089
  • Parking permits for Bradley Airport will be mailed upon receipt of the faxed Travel Approval form. Approvals finalized within 5 business days of departure will be available for pick up in Travel Services.
  • Travel advance checks will be issued 3-5 days prior to your trip.
    • Recommended - For those registered for ACH/direct deposit your advance check will be automatically deposited into your account on file
    • Paper checks can be picked up at the Disbursement Office in Accounts Payable (Second Floor - New Central Warehouse Building). Checks for employees outside of the Storrs campus will be mailed.
  • Enjoy your Trip!!!!


  • Travelers or their designee should complete and print out the Travel Reimbursement Form. Be sure to use the same document # on the Travel Approval Form.
  • Obtain appropriate signatures (Signature authority will be verified against the Administrative Task Authorization Tool)
  • Send the original back to the Travel Department with the appropriate original receipts and a copy of the 'Approved' Travel Approval Form.
  • Reimbursement - If you are due back funds from your trip
    • Once your reimbursement form has been fully processed by the Travel Department, UConn will make a deposit into your account on file if you are registered for ACH/Direct Deposit. If you will receive a paper check, it will be mailed to you.
  • Settlement - If you did not use the full amount of your travel advance and owe money back to the University
    • Include a check for the amount owed, payable to UConn, along with your Travel Reimbursement Form.